A short explanation of counselling and psychotherapy.

Counselling is usually short term work, whereas psychotherapy is usually more long-term. Issues which might be dealt with in counselling are for example, phobias, some relationship issues, addiction issues, and workplace problems to name a few. Psychotherapy is where we work with what would be regarded as more 'deep rooted' issues such as, depression, childhood abuse, and issues around one's sexuality. Having said that, a person may come to therapy with an addiction issue for example, and find that the work there for them is more deep rooted and long term. Or on the other hand, someone may engage with the service having been bereaved, and find that they need far less time than they might have initially expected. In short, it is a lot easier to summise how long a person may be in therapy after their initial session.


Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our feelings about things which happened in the past, or our current situation. Often the two can go together, as when we have not been able for whatever reason to deal with past issues, they inevitably affect our day to day lives. Other times, we may not be sure what it is that is making us feel bad or sad, anxious or just plain uneasy in our skin and not know why. My purpose is to assist you with expanding your awareness of the situations you are faced with, helping and allowing you to find your own solutions, come to conclusions that you are happy with and not told by someone else, and to be able to make your own choices.

" The meaning of life is to give life meaning."  Victor Frankl